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Electrolux product videos

For several months, together with MDPro, we spent time filming Electrolux & AEG equipment and machinery. 6 different filming scenes in one large room became our permanent place of work. 3 bathrooms and 3 kitchens. ✔ We saved time. 22 shooting days. Total 45 Products and 51 videos!

39 people team specialists from different fields came together in one family. We learned from each other and we listened to each other too. We played almost "Home". We washed, dried, cleaned, baked, grilled, and more. All this is to have a complete result that meets the requirements of the Brandbook (Electrolux and AEG global standard).

The challenges became achievements, displaying a warm oven without heating it; artificial daylight and indoor sunlight; cleanliness that required attention to every dust, and a comfortable home environment. Food that is not enough for the camera to make - thanks to non-standard solutions - looks delicious, juicy, and most importantly - appetizing for the eyes.

Undoubtedly, preparation, smooth workflow processes, teamwork, clear goals and timely post-production (in the hands of the same team) promise the fruits of successful work.

Behind the scenes
Your customer won't forget you for long! – These are the consequences of a properly designed video for your business. Storytelling is our strength.
Client Electrolux, MDpro
Directors Matačius Ričardas & Rokas Steponavičius
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