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We prove how you are outstanding

By finding the truth

We step into shoes of our clients, product users, current and potential employees, or other people relevant to the real story of a company.

By doing this we find truths that make a company more unique, more human, and that are relevant for customers.

Telling it like a story

We have the in-house skills and knowledge to transform our true stories into compelling narratives – with the right storytelling, visual language, audio, and style.

Our process

The truth
01 need

Finding out what our clients want or need to prove. What makes them outstanding?

02 Discovery

Shadowing, interviewing, secret shopper, trying products – what do we do to find the real truth that makes those businesses outstand.

03 Effect

Creative brief:
1. Understand
2. Remember
3. Feel
4. Believe

The story
01 Scenario

Our story telling technique – how do we transform client insights into stories that reach and engage audience. Methodology, that sets us apart from others.

02 Implementation

Attention. Live presentations.
Criteria. Showcase guided by criteria.
Process. Emphasis on finding out the truth, translating it into story.
Experience – light, sound, comfort.

03 Discovery

1. To maximise value of a single video
-Channels-Different cuts
2. Untold Stories