Svetainė naudoja slapukus.

Curonian Spit

Why do you want to return to the Curonian Spit again and again? Because it’s the hottest tourism spot in Lithuania! This magical corner is a part of UNESCO world heritage.
And how did we manage to make a story about it?

We filmed it all year round wrapped its history in legends and set out for a "Journey to Yourself." As the seasons and weather changed, we visited the land of panoramas to film the sea and its dunes watching the forests. There is a lot of certainty in the clip. Every shot we've shot into history is filmed right there, not from stock.

Your customer won't forget you for long! – These are the consequences of a properly designed video for your business. Storytelling is our strength.
Client Curonian Spit National Park
Director and scriptwriter Lina Vonsavičiūtė
Director Raimondas Kavaliauskas
Kitas projektas
Deep Roots